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In the desert, but not deserted-02-26-2012

by Tom Andel

It’s fitting that the readings on this first Sunday of Lent are about spritual awakenings. In the first reading the Holy Spirit bursts through the flood waters via the souls of Noah and his family. This was the spark of God’s new covenant with man, his second chance at redemption. That covenant was then made […]

A Gimp for God

by Tom Andel

I could relate tothe paralytic in today’s Gospel reading. I attended mass today with my left ankle in a cast–having fractured it in a slipping-while-jogging incident the previous Monday. Why bother going to mass so soon after such an injury–and on crutches, yet? Isn’t that a little show-offy? First of all, for such an ugly […]

How We the Infected Can Heal Each Other–02-12-2012

by Tom Andel

Today’s first reading from Leviticus is another of those downers when not read in context with the second reading and the gospel. Here’s a poor soul with leprosy who’s told to warn people that he’s unclean. The point of all three readings is we’re ALL unclean–and dependent on God’s word to heal ourselves. The irony […]

Free to be slaves-02-05-2012

by Tom Andel

Thank God for the second reading and the gospel reading at today’s mass. The first reading from Job was a real bummer. If that’s all we would have had to chew on for the rest of our day (Job’s tale of woe and drudgery that became his life) it wouldn’t give us much to be […]