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The Spirit of Pentecost Overshadows the Tower of Babel

by Tom Andel

Today is Pentecost Sunday. This day takes on a whole new light in an election year. Amidst all the campaign double-speak, all the customized messages aimed at special interest groups to tell them truths they want to hear, today’s first reading tells us how the Holy Spirit filled Christ’s disciples with the ability to speak […]

The Formula for Knowing God’s Will

by Tom Andel

The ending scene from our first reading today is almost comical. There the disciples stand, staring into the sky after Jesus ascended into heaven. Then two angel-like beings stand beside them giving them a verbal kick in the posterior: ‘Why are you Galileans standing here looking into the sky? This Jesus who has been taken […]

Can’t Escape God on Mother’s Day

by Tom Andel

It’s appropriate that today’s mass readings are all about love. It’s Mother’s Day: a day that’s founded on love. And as John writes in the second reading, “love is from God.” We can’t escape God. In fact most people who proclaim themselves atheists are just confused believers. If they love their mothers, they believe in […]

Pruning Hooks are God’s Healing Tools

by Tom Andel

The power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit are the themes I took away from today’s mass. In the gospel Jesus says he is the vine and we are the branches. Branches must be pruned every once in a while to bear fruit. Pruning can be a painful process, one that requires the removal of […]