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Jesus Separates Wise Men from the Wise Guys

by Tom Andel

If Jesus would have been as hungry for power for power’s sake as his disciples seemed to be in last week’s gospel reading, he could have been the most notorious gangster of all time. Gangs feed off the energy of their leaders and those leaders generate power by building a reputation. By this point in […]

The Most Important Job in Any Business: Servant

by Tom Andel

Today I attended mass at St. Malachi, the parish of my business mentor, Bernie Knill. He’s the man to whom I owe my writing career. He passed away two years ago, but his family has been nice enough to invite me to attend these anniversary masses, knowing what he meant to me. Today’s readings brought […]

Aspiring to Own the Armor of Innocence

by Tom Andel

Today’s readings reminded me how liberating innocence is. You know how you go to confession weighed down by the guilt of a litany of sins, and you leave that confessional like a prisoner leaves jail once he’s served his time? You feel lighter and your spirit shows, almost like a suit of light. It’s called […]

Longing for Jesus’ Administration

by Tom Andel

We can’t escape from politics these days. The commercials are full of candidates spitting in each other’s eyes and performing self-proclaimed miracles. Today’s readings reminded me of the contrast between human and divine politics. As our King, Jesus is a politician who could make spitting an act of divine mercy. He used it in the […]

Sophistication: The Original Sin

by Tom Andel

Today’s readings made me think of how sophisticated we humans are. That’s not meant to be a compliment. Most of us use the term “sophisticated” with a positive connotation. But if you look the term up in the dictionary it has many definitions. The one we usually think of is this: “worldly-wise; not naïve.” We […]