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No Prison Can Contain a Transfigured Soul

by Tom Andel

Today’s gospel is the transfiguration of Jesus, but to me it’s really about the transfiguration of Peter, John, James—and us. Up to this point the disciples were following Jesus and buying into what he was teaching, but when they saw him in the presence of Moses and Elijah, they were astounded—to the point where Peter […]

Investing Life’s Savings

by Tom Andel

Today’s readings give us a clear message about God the Father: He protects what’s His. And that means us.  But like any father, he has expectations, too. He wants us to be worth protecting. Yes, He saved His people from the Egyptians and brought them out of slavery. He gave them a rich land flowing […]

Even Ashes have a Purpose

by Tom Andel

On this Sunday before Ash Wednesday, it’s appropriate that today’s readings focus on humble men who remember their role: as earthen vessels, made primarily of dust and ashes, designed to contain and dispense the word of God. Our maker chose his ingredients well. They did their jobs and the effects of their service have lasted […]

How Well do you Fit Your Skin?

by Tom Andel

Elvis was right. We ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog. Not just because we’re crying all the time but because we’re growing into all that skin God gave us. Today’s readings are about the process of becoming what God made us to be. Jeremiah quotes God in today’s first reading: “Before I formed you in […]