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Jesus has entered the courtroom. Will all rise?

by Tom Andel

The footrace to Christ’s tomb ended with a startling revelation on that first Easter morning. Not only did Jesus rise from the dead, but so did all who believe in him. Peter, John and Mary of Magdala were the first to see his empty tomb. Eventually, after that startling sight came one that not only […]

Passion Fuels God’s Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

by Tom Andel

Passion Sunday refers to Christ’s passion, but passion implies extreme emotion. We know how extreme emotions affect human beings. They can make people do nutty things. That’s evident from the way the people around Jesus behaved throughout today’s readings. We begin with his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, with all his disciples singing his praises. We […]

Francis: a Pope of Hope

by Tom Andel

“Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; see, I am doing something new!” Today’s first reading from Isaiah is most appropriate for a mass that marks the first formal intention for our new pope, Francis! This is a servant in the tradition of St. Paul, and even in […]

Human Folly: Trying to Win the Fatted Calf

by Tom Andel

The Prodigal Son is a classic morality play–one that’s so poignant that it proves one of Jesus’ most under-appreciated miracles was his ability to change hearts through the power of his words. Raising Lazarus from the dead was amazing, but he was able to give his words eternal life. However, today’s mass marked the first […]

“Nothing” is a Lousy Name.

by Tom Andel

One of the hardest tasks expectant parents face is choosing a name for their child. There are perennial favorites like John, Matthew or Michael for a boy and Mary, Susan or Sarah for a girl. Then there are those parents who want their kid to be unique. They look forward to the day when they […]