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Take Courage from the Holy Spirit’s Joy

by Tom Andel

Everyone who works should take comfort and inspiration from today’s readings. It’s Trinity Sunday and the first reading introduces us to the spirit of Wisdom at work—God’s creative spark giving us life. It’s that wisdom that filled Jesus and inspired him to create his church. It’s that wisdom he bequeathed to his disciples so they […]

Our Resurrection from Babel’s Ruins

by Tom Andel

That first Pentecost was the biggest construction project in history. In a matter of seconds, God used a mighty wind to implode the Tower of Babel that humanity built and established his Church atop its ruins.  Centuries before, the survivors of the Great Flood took it on themselves to build their own sanctuary so they […]

We must be Spend the Gospel to be Saved

by Tom Andel

In today’s first reading Stephen sees Jesus. In today’s second reading John hears Jesus. In today’s gospel we are given the chance to be one with him.  The chance.  Jesus prays to his Father, “I will make it known that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them.”  […]

Buried Alive with our Idols

by Tom Andel

As God’s children, we have many blessings. As Adam’s descendants we’ve accumulated many problems—all self created. God has always kept his laws simple for us. “Love me, love your neighbor.” But as today’s readings remind us, we always manage to complicate things.  In the first reading some who fashioned themselves to be the rightful interpreters […]