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Be Happy Hollywood Gave Us “The Finger”

by Tom Andel

Not much that comes out of Hollywood is worth remembering, but every once in a while The Movies get something right. One of those moments is a great summary of today’s readings. If you’ve never seen “City Slickers” with Jack Palance and Billy Crystal, it’s worth a rental, if only for one scene.  Jack Palance […]

Our Vehicle to Take Us Where We Want to Go

by Tom Andel

Today’s three readings offer a map to God’s kingdom. Our only challenge is finding a vehicle to take us there. The jalopies most of us are driving now need work and won’t take us all the way without constant maintenance. And before we even begin the journey we need to strip that vehicle down to […]

From Rejects to Role Models

by Tom Andel

Where would our faith be without rule breakers and sinners?  Today’s readings answer that question.    Our first reading shows David to be the ultimate sinner. Murder, adultery, lust, greed…he had all the qualifications for a super villain. Yet, according to Nathan, God must have recognized something in David to make him a great leader. God […]

Coming Back to Life Isn’t the Miracle. Eternal Life Is.

by Tom Andel

This weekend the Brothers in Christ were asked to pray for the life of an ailing seven-year-old girl. Some might ask what good that does. We pray for many sick people and they often die anyway. When people do survive such sicknesses after a period of prayers, it’s called a coincidence. Even people of faith […]

God is our Food, We are God’s Shelter

by Tom Andel

The people of Jesus’ time were always hungry, both for physical and spiritual food. At key times in the gospels Jesus was their source for both—and these were miraculous times.  In today’s gospel we have the classic example of the loaves and fishes. The apparent miracle was his ability to feed thousands with just a […]