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A Banana Peel Away from Hell’s Chasm

by Tom Andel

There’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy—but always an important moral in both. The parable of the rich man who winds up in hell while the poor man he ignored to death ends up in God’s eternal presence is a tragedy, but also has ingredients of many of the old Road Runner and Bugs […]

Our Generation is Moved like Jagger

by Tom Andel

Pleased to meet you Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah but what’s confusing you Is just the nature of my game. Mick Jagger could have had Jesus in mind when he wrote “Sympathy for the Devil.” At least he was probably inspired by Jesus’ parables. The one from today’s gospel is especially apt. Here […]

Redeeming Worthless Coupons

by Tom Andel

A coupon has no intrinsic worth other than the value a manufacturer prints on it. A penny isn’t intrinsically worth a cent but its maker vouches for that value. A debit card’s worth goes up and down, depending on the value its owner loads into it. Today’s readings are a study of similar distinctions between […]

The Master’s Apprentice

by Tom Andel

Business people could learn a lot about management from Jesus. He wasn’t just a carpenter; he was a craftsman who knew something about planning a project. Good planning requires wisdom, which is the theme of today’s readings. Poor planning and unwise decisions are the reasons businesses—and people—fail.  A major tenet of business is to have […]