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A Church Made of Muscle and Blood

by Tom Andel

It’s amazing how quickly news is spread these days. Reports of the bloody conflicts in the Middle East, Europe and Asia are sent globally and instantly thanks to fighters who use i-phones as weapons.  This era of tweeted world news makes me wonder why God didn’t wait until now to deploy Jesus. After all, our […]

You Don’t Live in Paradise–You Live It.

by Tom Andel

If you’re a parent, this Sunday’s readings offer a rare opportunity to put yourself in God’s place. If you’re an older parent, think back to when your child would do something they were supposed to do so they could earn a cookie. Then, once they earned the cookie, remember how they’d go back to doing […]

Your Life is a Prayer. Let God See, Hear, Taste, Smell and Touch It.

by Tom Andel

There are many who accuse Catholics of idolatry. They look at our churches and statues and call them props that we not only don’t need but can’t need. One critic I read recently stated “If you love your wife, you won’t need her to be healthy and beautiful to help you love her.  Thus image […]

Feel the Burn

by Tom Andel

Distance runners and songwriters will appreciate the readings from this Sunday’s mass celebrating the feast of the Lord’s presentation. They’re about the process of purification. Done right, it can result in a pain that “hurts so good.” Runners get this feeling during a particularly strenuous trek. All of us have a chemical inside us that’s […]