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Children of Light Overpower Princes of Darkness

by Tom Andel

Not to get all SAT Testy on you, but this Sunday’s readings made me think of an analogy: Prejudice is to blindness as bigotry is to darkness. All three of the readings make some comment about humanity’s limited perceptions. We tend to only understand what we can see—what’s on the surface. Knowing or understanding what’s […]

Heading to a Dust-Free Environment

by Tom Andel

The human body is about 60% water. The earth is about 70% water.  That seems like a lot, and since water is necessary to life, you would think both are full of life.  But the earth is a closed system, and so is our body. Our water supplies are finite.  So, this being Lent, let’s […]

Jesus Proves His Divinity by Enduring Our Humanity

by Tom Andel

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is Matthew’s account of the transfiguration. It’s a familiar story to many of us, but this week when I read the part where a dumbstruck Peter offers to erect three tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah after witnessing Jesus’ astounding meeting with them, I felt something was missing. Sure enough, looking […]

Survivor: Satan’s Desert

by Tom Andel

One of the more modern manifestations of the original sin that introduced man to his mortality is the survivalist movement. These are people who dedicate themselves to hoarding supplies and mastering self-defense techniques to protect themselves from either man-made or God-wrought Armageddon. That’s ironic, considering the culture of death in which we’ve imprisoned ourselves. Man […]

A Popularity Contest Fixed in Our Favor

by Tom Andel

Anyone who doubts the relevance of the scriptures to modern life should come to mass once in a while and listen carefully. This Sunday’s readings echo the news of the week. I just saw a network news story on how teenagers are going online to a site where they can post their picture and find […]