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Seeing God’s Reflection is Believing

by Tom Andel

Jesus wasn’t just a carpenter by trade, but a master planner. We can see the brilliance of how he designed the foundation of his kingdom with the luxury of hindsight, but at the time his plan was unfolding, the people he surrounded himself with were completely flummoxed by it. They wouldn’t get it until after […]

Jesus Has Risen. So Must We.

by Tom Andel

In this Easter’s gospel reading the tomb is empty, leading us to believe that Jesus did what he said he would do on the third day after his crucifixion. Rise. But there was another miracle we mustn’t forget. Rising with him to this occasion were his earthly partners in the gospel—his disciples. Most notable in […]

A Part We Don’t Like to Play

by Tom Andel

It has become a tradition that on Palm Sunday every Catholic Church becomes a theater where all the inhabitants play a role in the reading of Christ’s Passion.  The only trouble is, I don’t like my part. Why do I have to be among the bad guys, saying things like “Crucify him!” and “His blood […]

How Humanity Surprised Jesus

by Tom Andel

Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans. All of humanity can relate to that little bon mot from Woody Allen. No matter how carefully or how long we plan something, the intended result is always subject to how it fits into God’s divine plan. This Sunday’s readings tell us that even Jesus—a master […]