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Take the Master’s Class in Succession Planning

by Tom Andel

Christianity wouldn’t exist if Christ hadn’t been a smart businessman. Every successful business requires a succession plan, and this Sunday’s readings let us in on the culmination of that plan. Our gospel passage from John (jn 17:1-11a) puts us right in the board room with Jesus and his disciples, as Jesus asks the boss to […]

Spiritual Scaffolding Helps Repair Our Ruins

by Tom Andel

I just returned from a business trip in Hannover, Germany, but it turned out to be a spiritual journey, as well. I arrived in Hannover late last Sunday morning and, having not yet attended Mass, asked the hotel attendant where the nearest Catholic church was. Although she spoke English, she wasn’t aware of one close-by. […]

Free Yourself from the Tyranny of the Ordinary

by Tom Andel

We’re entering the fifth Sunday of Easter and before you know it, we’ll be in “Ordinary Time.” This is the timespan outside of the Easter and Christmas seasons in which we live our lives neither feasting nor repenting but simply watching and hoping for the time God will do something extraordinary. Our readings this Sunday […]

Heed the Shepherd in Your Head

by Tom Andel

Earlier this week The Wall Street Journal recommended a new source of inspiration to its readers: their own inner voice. In an article titled “Self Talk, or a Heart-to-Heart with Your Closest Friend,” author Elizabeth Bernstein describes self-talk as what happens when you make yourself the target of your own comments or advice.  She quotes […]

God Hides in Plain Sight

by Tom Andel

After all the pain and sorrow Jesus went through before his earthly death, it’s delightful to see him having a bit of fun with his disciples in this Sunday’s gospel reading. That’s how I read it anyway. He’s toying with them as they walk along the road to Emmaus. He knows they love him and […]