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Longing for When We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

by Tom Andel

I wonder if L. Frank Baum knew he was writing the parable of our age when he authored his “Wizard of Oz” series. Study this Sunday’s mass readings and you’ll realize they all contain elements of that story—or, I should say his story contains all those scriptural elements: The discovery of your hidden potential; The […]

Hate is a Killer Weed

by Tom Andel

It’s one of life’s great mysteries how, collectively, mankind can feel so all-powerful while a single human being can feel so powerless. Yet, each person is born with the seeds of great power sown into his soul. There are two of these seeds: love and hate. These seeds are tiny and dormant at our birth, […]

Make Your Story Your Salvation

by Tom Andel

Them that’s got shall have Them that’s not shall lose So the Bible says and it still is news Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got his own, that’s got his own. These lyrics are an expression of how Billie Holiday made God’s gift of wisdom her own. They […]

Escape Herod’s Dynasty of Slavery

by Tom Andel

Poor King Herod.  Which one? Take your pick. They were all pathetic individuals in their lust for power under the boot of the Roman Empire.  At the root of that lust was fear; fear of losing the earthly trappings that come with power. Among these are wealth, fame, luxury, ego-stroking and fear itself; all the […]