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What It’s Like to be God

by Tom Andel

Isn’t it funny that when man first wanted to learn what it was like to be God we went to the devil? That serpent in the Garden made us believe that God was afraid that if we ate of the tree of knowledge we’d know what God knew. This Sunday’s readings show us that tree […]

Take Part in the Art of His Heart

by Tom Andel

On this first Sunday of Lent we are treated to a review of God’s key artistic periods. He first shaped humanity out of the clay sourced from his creation of land and sea. Humanity turned out so beautifully that our hearts couldn’t avoid the sin of pride, and thus we claimed ownership of God’s artistry. […]

A Leper Can Change His Spots

by Tom Andel

This Sunday’s readings show us two ways humans can live with their decrepitude: by isolating it and protecting others from it or by transforming it and sharing the new creation with others. The Old Testament reading from Leviticus (LV 13:1-2, 44-46) has God imposing strict guidelines for those marked by leprosy: “The one who bears […]

My God It’s Monday

by Tom Andel

Working stiffs with demanding jobs have a word to describe this Sunday’s readings: Monday. In fact, these readings would provide great fodder for a Monday morning meditation, giving the reader more appreciation for how easy they have it. In our first reading (Jb 7:1-4, 6-7), Job calls life drudgery, saying he will not see happiness […]