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Passion Sunday—but Whose?

by Tom Andel

This Sunday we read of Christ’s passion. But it’s not just his passion we remember, it’s that of all those around him—people who had no idea who he was. We wouldn’t have a Passion Sunday if it weren’t for the fear and hate those people built up over who they THOUGHT he was. Everyone seemed […]

Lenten Reinvention: a Good Way to Die.

by Tom Andel

People who make New Year’s and Lenten resolutions often have similar goals but different outcomes. Many promises made on New Year’s Eve are broken by New Year’s Day. Lent offers many more opportunities to succeed and more time to become our best selves. In fact with Christ’s example, we not only learn to improve, but […]

Darkness: The Devil’s Only Creation

by Tom Andel

In last week’s gospel reading Jesus told his persecutors that he could raise God’s fallen temple in three days. Of course he was referring to his own body. The message this week is that we are all houses of God, and as creatures of light we are called to be lighthouses, beckoning others to add […]

God’s Foolishness is Our Salvation

by Tom Andel

“Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” Jesus’ disciples heard him say this to the Jews after he overthrew the marketplace that had been set up in the temple. They had no idea what he meant—which wasn’t unusual. Jesus taught in parables and analogies that often sailed over the disciples’ […]