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Sometimes miracles are wasted on us

by Tom Andel

If someone were to find a cure for alcoholism or nicotine addiction, the media would call it a miracle. What a shame the word miracle has to be associated with man’s tendency toward self-destruction. Diseases that would have never existed without that tendency are now some of our biggest killers. Today the faithful among us […]

God’s Father’s Day Message: Grow Up, Kid.

by Tom Andel

This Sunday’s mass readings seem hand-selected for Father’s Day. The first from the Book of Job (Jb 38:1, 8-11), reminded me of the classic Dad line: “I brought you into this world, I can take you out!”—except God says something a bit less guy-like and a bit more God-like. The reading excerpt itself is short—about […]

Particles of Faith

by Tom Andel

There was a lot of talk about the “God particle” last year. This was the nickname given the subatomic particle formally named the Higgs boson. Scientists say this particle gives mass to matter. Scientists with faith the size of a Higgs boson might say their faith is the real God particle and its power gives […]

Blood on the Bottom Line

by Tom Andel

We’re on our second contract with God, and if I were Him I’d have sued us a long time ago. Humanity isn’t much better at living up to the terms of this second one as we were with the first. The fact there had to be a second covenant says as much about us as […]