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Fear is the Father of Our Sins

by Tom Andel

We’ll never understand the struggle between love and hate until we also recognize their closest living relatives: wisdom and ignorance. We tend to believe that hate appears in the absence of love, but this Sunday’s mass readings teach us something we rarely take to heart: the consequences of fear filling the void left by our […]

And playing the part of the Holy Spirit is …

by Tom Andel

Hollywood has done good things with grand moments from the Old and New Testaments. When you think of “The Ten Commandments” in Hollywood terms you may think of Cecil B. DeMille directing Charlton Heston’s Moses to lead a cast of thousands to freedom across the desert and the Red Sea. The Old and New Testament […]

Spend Life Investing Your Winnings

by Tom Andel

If you’re reading this you probably didn’t win the $1.5 billion Powerball drawing this week. You may want to give thanks anyway, considering the awesome responsibility that comes with such a win. Ideally you’d want to use that sum in a way that helps you become the person you want to be as opposed to […]

Baptized by Immersion in Truth

by Tom Andel

In this Sunday’s readings we celebrate the examples set by John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ in one shared sacramental act. We also witness two different styles of outreach in John and Jesus. In 21st century terms, these styles can be put in the context of social media. Although both men taught the importance […]

Tap the Power of Your Epiphanies

by Tom Andel

This Sunday we celebrate the epiphany of the Lord. This celebration is called THE epiphany, but it isn’t the only one our Lord inspired. He works through his people by epiphanies. They happen every day, just as miracles do—below our radar, cloaked as brain storms. The secular definition of an epiphany is “an intuitive grasp […]