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How a grave becomes a birthplace

by Tom Andel

Judas wasn’t the only disciple of Christ to kill himself after his master’s death sentence, but he was the only one who didn’t live to testify about it. As Easter Sunday’s readings open, a newly minted version of Peter takes a self-made witness stand. The last time he was grilled about his relationship with Jesus […]

Surprise God. Try, at least.

by Tom Andel

For beings with free will, we of the human race are pretty predictable. This is especially evident in the readings for this Palm Sunday. They indicate that not only did Jesus know what was about to happen to him at the hands of many, but he also knew the who and the how of those […]

Redesigned to our Original Specifications

by Tom Andel

Faithful people are in a constant state of rebirth. That’s one of the themes from this Sunday’s mass readings. Every human being experiences birthing once. For many of us that process concluded with a smack or some other stimulus to get us breathing. Once we reach the age of reason we are called to a […]

Reconciling with the Boss

by Tom Andel

On this fourth Sunday of Lent we celebrate reconciliation. This word has a couple different meanings, but in today’s readings those differences are reconciled. The first meaning is “to restore friendly relations; to coexist in harmony; to make peace.” The other is from Accounting 101: “to make one account consistent with another, especially by allowing […]