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Some of God’s best friends are born in foxholes

by Tom Andel

The phrase, “There are no atheists in foxholes,” is appropriate to remember on Memorial Day. It’s also fitting that this year’s holiday falls on the same weekend as the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ. On Memorial Day we remember everyone who gave their lives in times of war for their fellow men […]

Heed the call to boast

by Tom Andel

Boastfulness is a luxury that seldom lends comfort—not even to the boaster, ultimately. A boast is often made at someone else’s expense. I’ve been guilty of enjoying sweet flattery without acknowledging others who might have deserved a share of that confection. That’s a quiet form of boasting. Later, thinking back on my glory gluttony, I […]

Let’s NOT play Devil’s advocate

by Tom Andel

We can thank lawyers for adding “Devil’s advocate” to the American vocabulary. It’s a process where someone takes the opposing side of an issue to test the strength of one’s own case. We may have friends who do this with us for sport—or just to annoy us. But the fact we see law firm ads […]

A Prayer for Angela

by Tom Andel

This edition of our mass blog is a prayer for Angela. She’s one of this year’s St. Michael confirmation candidates for whom Father Pete asked parishioners to devote some time in their daily conversations with God. Each of these students drafted a biographical profile and posted it on a bulletin board for people to select […]