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Finding freedom on a different slave ship

by Tom Andel

People are funny about their chosen slaveries. The other day I saw a guy driving down the road dragging a boat behind him like a ball and chain. I’m sure he invests thousands of his discretionary dollars to keep it in good repair, otherwise it could sink and take him down with it. Yet if […]

Keeping Our Identities Secure—from Ourselves

by Tom Andel

When the novel Sybil came out in 1973, the idea of having 16 different personalities was shocking. Today it’s not only normal, but expected. Online social media split us into our business selves, our party selves, our family selves, our sporting selves, and unfortunately, too often, selves we don’t want to share with a wide […]

An Atheist’s Favorite Gospel?

by Tom Andel

It takes faith to be afraid of God. That’s why the following headline in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal’s Op-Ed section was such an attention grabber: Are Atheists Afraid of God? This was a commentary about a new book telling of the last days of well-known atheist and author Christopher Hitchens. The […]

A Formula to Raise Faith from the Dead?

by Tom Andel

If you were like me in high school, any subject that ended in “ometry” made your eyes crust over. If I couldn’t see any practical application of its complexity to my simple life, I reasoned, why expend my few and precious brain cells to decipher it? To other people, though, that same complexity has an […]