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Heaven knocking at your door

by Tom Andel

Anyone caring for an elderly parent at home should know the word “respite.” To know it is to love it. It is that temporary period of relief from doing one’s duty. There are people out there who offer respite for a living. This service is typically delivered on a particular day of the week, and […]

Avoid the downfall of the Might-Have-Dones

by Tom Andel

Between stories on American politics and international terrorism last week, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, made world news by lifting someone up off his behind. It happened in Harlow, Essex, England where, during a meet-and-greet at Stewards Academy in Harlow, Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, the 72-year-old vice lord-lieutenant of Essex, slipped and fell while standing behind […]

Faith can’t die until it’s buried

by Tom Andel

If we could harness the brilliance of scammers who prey on the elderly this time of year, we might be able to cure cancer. It’s not enough that we must judge the reputation of people coming to our doors before November’s elections asking for our vote, but we must also judge the veracity of door-to-door […]

Finding Infinity, Not Oblivion

by Tom Andel

For Baby Boomers turning 60 like me, a mirror can be their worst enemy. When we look into one, some of us see oblivion. A couple new books reviewed in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal were written by authors hitting that landmark. They offer variations on that theme, but oblivion is their common denominator. “We […]

Planning from Here for Eternity

by Tom Andel

The viral image of an injured Syrian boy, orphaned by war and sitting alone in an ambulance while still covered with the debris of destruction, haunts every soul who sees it. He should be crying, but he just stares. Is he silent because he’s in shock or because he has come to realize that cries […]