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What John Lennon didn’t imagine

by Tom Andel

A new documentary about the Beatles reminds us how crazily their fans pursued them. This urge to chase them was almost instinctual, like how some dogs can’t resist chasing cars. The problem for both is, not knowing what to do if you catch what you chase. The same applies for any fanatic going after their […]

Shackles Make the Monster

by Tom Andel

In time for Halloween, this Sunday’s gospel reading (Lk 18:9-14) gives us the story of a man-made monster—as told by Jesus. This is the tale of a creature driven mad by the shackles placed on him by his worldly life. His links to pride, vanity, contempt and self-deception are so tight that they disorient him […]

Do we want the justice we deserve?

by Tom Andel

So, for the umpteenth time you drag yourself into your favorite prayer room seeking an answer about why God is withholding the relief you seek from life’s adversities. You pound your fist in frustration demanding “Why, Lord?” What if you suddenly heard a small voice whisper, “Because you pray like a politician.”? When many of […]

Miracles in Tremont

by Tom Andel

One out of ten lepers was grateful to Jesus. That’s not a poll, but a reflection of the human condition taken from this Sunday’s gospel reading (Lk 17:11-19). Jesus was approached by ten lepers, begging him for pity and a cure. He gave both to all ten, but only one—upon realizing his skin was healthy—came […]