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Hiding in shade without shelter

by Tom Andel

English Mountaineer George Mallory made history not only for his attempts to climb Mt. Everest, but for his three-word answer to the question of why he kept trying. “Because it’s there.” In Mallory’s view, this mountain’s very existence gave his life purpose. So it is with faithful people and God. The Great I AM requires […]

Filling our hole in the universe

by Tom Andel

We’ve all had those days where life felt like a big cosmic game show. On those days when the world throws its toughest puzzles at you it can be hard just figuring out the rules or your role in the game’s universe.  There really was a TV game show based on a similar premise in […]

Turning the Bully Pulpit into Stubble

by Tom Andel

Welcome to the end of the world. How does it feel after these few days into the post-election Armageddon many Chicken Littles expected? Probably the same as the week before Election Day. No matter who wins any elected office, the end of the world still lies ahead. However, its arrival will surprise us like a […]

Fear that inspires the utmost courage

by Tom Andel

Some of the greatest biblical conflicts were between two groups of people: those who feared God and those who were scared of God. The latter group was scared that if there really was a resurrection then they would be held accountable for the things to which they were addicted on this earth, like power, wealth, […]