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An Appointment with Father Time

by Tom Andel

In the early 1960s, writer Rod Serling used his Twilight Zone TV series to tell enlightening parables for his time. They often had a shocking twist at the end. If Serling were alive today, this Sunday’s mass readings might have given him the raw materials for an important episode for this generation. A popular editorial […]

Faith ignites perpetual light

by Tom Andel

Watching the movie “The Song of Bernadette” the other night made me think of Christmas tree lights—the old annoying series-wired kind.  A string of these lights goes dark when one bulb goes bad. But using the glass-half-full perspective, you could say an entire string will light up if a good bulb is added. Bernadette Soubirous […]

Prayer offers us a stronger leg to stand on

by Tom Andel

The running gag throughout A Christmas Story (the movie about a boy and his coveted b-b gun) is how Ralphie keeps leaving little clues for his parents about what he wants for Christmas.  He’s afraid his wish would never be granted if he came right out and asked mom and dad for it.  This Sunday’s […]

Crumpled but redeemable

by Tom Andel

Would you take the time to stoop and rescue a crumpled, filthy piece of paper from the sidewalk on your journey to an important appointment? You probably would if you recognized Ben Franklin’s face peering through the dirt. That little parable of the soiled C-note was dramatized by Bishop Roger Gries as he began his […]

Waiting for Wisdom to conquer us

by Tom Andel

It’s easy to believe that Hollywood detests anything to do with religion, but it’s hard not to notice their tendency to imitate scripture by using parables to tell the truth about humanity.  A new movie, “Arrival,” is a good example. Having just seen the film, and after studying this Sunday’s Mass readings for the second […]