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Only one “Safe Space” offers true protection

by Tom Andel

The national decline in church attendance seems to be accompanied by another trend: a rise in “safe spaces” on college campuses. These are environments designed to protect certain students from subjects they may find uncomfortable, depending on their background or upbringing. Another term describing the people for whom these environments were designed was also introduced: […]

Salvaging Eden’s Harvest

by Tom Andel

Whether or not you believe in the literal account of Adam and Eve and the nature of their original sin, what’s harder to believe is that their Creator would abandon them and their descendants to hopeless lifetimes of toil and pain. He created humanity in his image, after all, so you would think He would […]

The divine design of prison breaks

by Tom Andel

“El Chapo,” the infamous Mexican drug lord, will go down in history for his inability to escape prison. Yes, he staged two elaborate vacations from them—the second via an impressive Hogan’s-Heroes-style  tunnel he dug beneath his cell—but he was just as much a prisoner outside those walls. His captor is one that captivates all human […]

Perry Como rocked with the gospel he lived

by Tom Andel

Did you know that a dinosaur writes this blog? You can carbon date me by the music I listen to. I’m firmly entrenched in the Perry Como era. He and his colleagues who sang from the Great American Songbook of the early 20th century gave us thousands of ways to say “I love you” without […]