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A miracle shines beyond doubt’s shadow

by Tom Andel

Jesus performed many miracles during his public life, but if all it took was a miracle to change people’s hearts, he wouldn’t have had to die. In fact, I wonder if Jesus sometimes worried that his miracles were becoming mere distractions for those closest to him. Imagine all the amazing things his disciples witnessed. And […]

We are earthen vessels made from holy ground

by Tom Andel

One of the laws Christians share with their Jewish brothers and sisters has to do with keeping kosher. Kosher means pure, or clean, and for the founder of Christianity, the term applied as much to the bodies into which we feed food as to the containers in which we store it. Since Easter and Passover […]

Fall-safe infrastructure

by Tom Andel

The early church had the same problems many of today’s fledgling organizations have: more poets than planners.  As Christ’s 12 disciples started spreading their Master’s timeless words, they couldn’t keep up with the temporal works of infrastructure development needed to support their mission. That included maintenance of the members who would give each other shelter […]

Our Wall: One gate, extreme vetting.

by Tom Andel

Imagine a place everyone wants to live, but it’s surrounded by a big beautiful wall. The wall is designed to protect the precious territory within, the mere thought of which gives searchers a warm feeling of freedom and well-being. The landlord of this place restricts access to one gateway where extreme vetting takes place. Many […]