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Employers covet your buried treasure

by Tom Andel

Some technologists are predicting that automation will displace human workers. It isn’t so much that machines are getting better than people, it’s that people aren’t finding and living their innate potential. It’s an attitude thing. Even employers of labor-intensive jobs say many prospective employees come into a job interview concerned more about the benefits they’ll […]

Mercy: Prerogative of the Powerful

by Tom Andel

Adam and Eve were punished for trying to play God. Their sentence? Parenthood. In his wisdom, God designed for us this lifetime struggle to give us key insights into what it’s like to be God. It starts with birth. Newborn humans are puny and completely defenseless. Their survival depends on the parent’s love. Every nerve-twitching […]

Forsake the dirt, become the soil

by Tom Andel

Many approaches to Judeo-Christian philosophy are available via our social media. Most of the sources are inspired by love and yield fruitful discussions, but philosophy devoid of love exists in a sterile environment. Worse, and all too often, ideology laced with hate and judgment turns the cyber environment toxic. The antidote for poisoned doctrine can […]

Wishing thanks—and a millstone—to all tyrants

by Tom Andel

Some of humanity’s most tyrannical leaders have used children to help preserve their position. They’ve used them as both photo-op props to attract support and as human shields to repel attack. Only one leader has ever elevated children as role models for receiving his message with humility. In this Sunday’s first reading (Zec 9:9-10), the […]