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Finding the Spirit to accept Impossible Missions

by Tom Andel

What’s it like to lose yourself in order to accomplish something important? Mission Impossible. That was also the theme and the name of a hit TV show in the 60s which, years later, Tom Cruise would parlay into a movie franchise. The Impossible Mission Force was a team of agents who would often disguise themselves […]

The Justice of God’s Unfairness

by Tom Andel

Humanity has figured out many of nature’s laws, but we’ve never mastered God’s physics. We tend to generalize it to our understanding of Newton’s law that every human action should have an equal and opposite reaction from God’s side of the balance. For many, this illusion of balance gives them comfort. So do defined borders […]

Our Most Difficult Miracle

by Tom Andel

Most secular humanists believe that human life lacks a cosmic meaning—and they are okay with that. In fact, they find it liberating.  They embrace the void. It relieves them of worrying about an afterlife—and struggling with the faith to believe in it. A lack of faith in any kind of divine essence linked to human […]

Practicing The Law without lawyers

by Tom Andel

The great irony of electronic media is how anti-social they have made us. Technology has taught us to isolate ourselves. Conflicts between “friends” that could once be resolved face-to-face over a cup of coffee now blow up into courtroom conflicts between strangers. Two examples made the news recently. James Damore, a Google software engineer, was […]