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Make demons fear YOU

by Tom Andel

Imagine a demon having more faith than a God-believer. We believers tend to let the cares of this world distract us from our core beliefs. That justifies the faith the evil one has in us. But the mere mention of the One who is the source of our core beliefs is enough to shake-up all […]

Reluctant are the Brave

by Tom Andel

A wise management axiom goes, “if you’re not afraid, you don’t understand the situation.” That may be why the business world seems to love reluctant leaders. According to a recent article in the “bible” of the business world, the Harvard Business Review, “the people most enthusiastically granted the power to lead by their peers are […]

Not Hungry, yet Starving to Death

by Tom Andel

We’re starving. Our culture is, at least. In advanced stages of starvation, appetite is lost—as is the energy to consume anything of substance. Apathy also sets in. Sound familiar? We’ve binged on news of moral apathy for quite some time now—especially recently as we’ve learned of long-hidden instances of sexual harassment in places of business […]

Guided not by the light of a star, but a Spirit

by Tom Andel

The feast of the Epiphany is a good time to think about our spiritual guidance systems. The Kings who searched for and worshipped the One who would save us from the bounds of earth and some of its inhabitants followed the light of a star that shone within themselves—one that reflected the light of the […]