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A Guiding Star for Life Well Spent

by Tom Andel

Anyone outside of an American military family can’t begin to know what it’s like to earn the Gold Star designation. That’s the honor given to a family who loses a loved one in the service of protecting their country. To any parent, burying a child is among life’s hardest duties, but for Gold Star parents, […]

Hearts are the Ark of the New Covenant

by Tom Andel

Whether or not you consider Noah’s Ark a fairy tale, it accomplishes what all great fairy tales do: it tells the truth. This is a simple story of salvation from God, but the survival of those eight people on the ark wasn’t possible without considerable effort on their part. First they had to build that […]

The Cure that Caused a Contagion

by Tom Andel

Many Christians can relate to the lepers in this Sunday’s mass readings. To be a leper in biblical contexts was akin to being an outcast, body and soul. After Christianity splintered into a wide variety of beliefs, certain elements of faith made some believers unpopular among their brethren—to the point of ineligibility for public office […]

The Fate of a Full-Time Job

by Tom Andel

We mortals face a moment of truth when it comes to professing belief in an immortal being: “If He exists, why does God let bad things happen to good people?” It’s a question even evangelicals struggle to answer when challenged about their faith. Some get out their Bible and open it to the ancient Book […]