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Stephen Hawking’s Hope is Risen

by Tom Andel

“While there’s life, there is hope.” This Easter message comes courtesy of an atheist. Stephen Hawking, scientist and author of A Brief History of Time, passed to his eternal reward a few weeks ago. He never expected to wind up at God’s portal, but it is our hope and faith that he did—and that we […]

Save Us from Hollywood’s God

by Tom Andel

A Hollywood starlet appearing recently on a popular late-night talk show recalled her Catholic upbringing. She proudly described it as a phase she outgrew. She credited her father for unwittingly inspiring her maturation. He warned her against having premarital sex as she entered her first romantic relationship—“or else you’ll spend an eternity in hell,” he […]

A Doctor Discovers the Cure for Mortality

by Tom Andel

As practitioners in the medical arts, physicians must sometimes go beyond medicine to save lives. They draw from resources in their heart and soul. Some doctors are brave enough to reference faith—a silent force written on their hearts. That describes Stephen Dudley, M.D., a doctor in Shoreline, Wash., who was recently profiled by AAFP News, […]

Even Spiritual Heroes Fall Short of Their Godly Capacity

by Tom Andel

With Rev. Billy Graham’s recent passing, articles about him have reminded us what made icons of faith like him so beloved. It wasn’t just their virtues, but their flaws. One of the lowlights of Rev. Graham’s life was when he was caught making an anti-Semitic remark while conversing with President Richard Nixon—and, unknowingly, with the […]

An Atheist Dishes on the Bible for Lent

by Tom Andel

I recently saw an atheist do a pretty good imitation of Jesus. It brought to mind the angry Jesus we read about in this Sunday’s gospel passage from John (Jn 2:13-25)—the one where he turns over tables full of merchandise for sale in the temple and chases away the marketers who made a bazaar of […]