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Don’t Fear GMOs. We ARE GMOs.

by Tom Andel

Christ’s resurrection left a fearful church in its wake. That included his original disciples, who until the Holy Spirit broke through their locked doors, were shivering behind them. This Sunday’s first reading recalls one of the bogeymen they feared most: Saul, a notorious persecutor of Christians. Their fear was well-founded, considering he approved of the […]

The Miracle of Sheep Becoming Shepherds

by Tom Andel

We’ve read a lot lately about teacher strikes closing schools. It’s easy to sympathize. Many budget-strapped teachers have used their own money to fund classroom expenses. Such teachers are examples of what it’s like to devote one’s life to a profession. But a series of school shootings in recent years have documented what it’s like […]

Peter: Regret’s Poster Child

by Tom Andel

Jesus’ pet peeve about humanity must have been our denial–denial of our sins, of his Father, and of his relationship to his Father. Even his number-one man, Peter the Rock, was a frequent target for correction. While Peter was still smarting from denying three times he even knew Jesus, the resurrected Master asked him three […]

Dealing with Our Undying Sins

by Tom Andel

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. This was the heart of Marxism and other socialist utopian philosophies at their beginnings, but as we know, mankind’s sinful nature managed to corrupt whatever purity it might have represented into a support system for some of history’s most evil regimes. That corruption […]