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Our Father’s Restraining Order against Us

by Tom Andel

Nothing is uglier than a bad separation—except a separation with a restraining order. We’re witnesses to the aftermath of humanity’s separation from God in this Sunday’s liturgy honoring the solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. In Sunday’s first reading (Ex 24:3-8), Moses is instrumental in delivering the first covenant of reconciliation. […]

Scripture is only Fake News if we live it that way

by Tom Andel

“Fake news” is the cliché of our current political environment. But as a concept fake news is as old as scripture. Matthew described its spread in his gospel account of Christ’s resurrection (Sunday’s gospel reading). The guards posted at Christ’s tomb—who somehow missed its occupant’s exit—were instructed to bear false witness against the good news […]

Relearning our Mother Tongue

by Tom Andel

The 2000-year survival of Christianity is Christ’s greatest miracle—because it’s eternal, as he is. When you think how drastically culture and language change in the course of only a century, you realize how amazing it is that people are still devoting and risking their lives for what Jesus taught us beyond the limits of any […]

Keeping Our Egos Grounded while Preparing to Ascend

by Tom Andel

Before his Ascension, Christ promised his apostles the gift of the Holy Spirit. That gift was the power behind their Acts. But imagine if they had received that gift in their pre-Pentecost state—when their egos and wish for the comforts of their master’s immediate victory were in full force. They were like children at Christmas, […]

That Fateful Friendship

by Tom Andel

Fate: “The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power.” It is our fate to be loved by that power we call God. He shows his love in strange ways. On Southwest Flight 1380 a few weeks ago—ironically enough, destined for Love Field in Dallas—fate caused the plane’s engine […]