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A dying man’s link to eternal life

by Tom Andel

Charles Krauthammer had every reason to welcome death. As if being paralyzed from the neck down weren’t enough, recently this award-winning journalist and commentator was diagnosed with inoperable cancer that left him with weeks to live. By the standards of this Modern Age’s “Culture of Death,” paralysis would have been enough to justify a merciful […]

Living Isaiah’s promise, not his curse

by Tom Andel

A well-dressed elderly couple rang our doorbell the other day. After sharing greetings, one question from them told me they were either insurance salespeople or Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Are you worried about your future?,” one asked. “Who’s asking?,” I asked. “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses,” they confirmed. I told them I am Catholic, and not really worried about […]

Living off the viral fruit of mustard seeds

by Tom Andel

See if you can guess where and when the following text first appeared: “A good turn need only be a very small one; if it is only to put a halfpenny into a poor box, or to help an old woman to cross the street, or to make room on a seat for someone, or […]

Rising to God’s fall

by Tom Andel

Cops are often criticized for trying to play God. Most good cops try to avoid that impression, but they can’t help relating to God—or at least to His son. One veteran cop I knew demonstrated that by his seating choice in church: near the ninth station of the cross, where Jesus falls for the third […]