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Bottomless Bread Basket

by Tom Andel

As science and medicine enable more of us live to ripe old ages, or well past the deadlines certain illnesses used to impose, more of us also depend on others to preserve our quality of life. Food and shelter alone aren’t enough. For those of us caring for elderly parents or disabled loved ones, it […]

Selfishly Selfless Shepherds

by Tom Andel

The greatest lesson of Christianity is the simplest: How to be selfishly selfless. That seems like a contradiction to anybody who doesn’t know the love of family. So imagine the band of brothers Christ assembled to carry on his mission of earthly salvation. They put in a hard day of spreading the gospel and interacting […]

How God Makes Prophets with Us

by Tom Andel

For such a seemingly meek man, Mr. Rogers wielded a lot of power in his neighborhood. Many young adults grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on Public Television, finding solace in his humble, friendly, accepting manner. He offered them the kind of friendship that was lacking in their own neighborhoods—or even in their own families. […]

A little faith and a lot of raw material can work miracles

by Tom Andel

A half century ago, my mother had a Scotch tape dispenser with this little piece of Pennsylvania Dutch wisdom inscribed on its side: “We grow too soon old and too late smart.” In today’s era of pervasive marketing, the Scotch Tape Company might be more likely to ditch that proverb for a product positioning statement: […]