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Recognize and resist your drive’s malware

by Tom Andel

Millennials and their younger brothers and sisters might appreciate this Sunday’s Mass readings. Our kids tend to be tech savvy and they realize their intelligent devices come preloaded with software.  What they may not realize is that by using these apps they are agreeing to the manufacturer’s terms and conditions—which nobody ever reads. What attendees […]

Getting back all the Interest our bonds have lost

by Tom Andel

Many marry their faith as faithfully as they do their spouses. So the fact that the population of “Nones” (unaffiliated with any religion) is rising in the Western world along with the divorce rate shouldn’t be surprising. A Pew Research study reports that the unaffiliated share of the population will continue to increase as many […]

A fool’s simple path back to wisdom

by Tom Andel

Jesus didn’t have much use for hypocrites—those intelligent “authorities” who liked telling people how to live but relished even more representing themselves as something they weren’t: wise. We have modern-day Pharisees in every field today—politics, showbiz, science, even in our church’s hierarchy. Many have enjoyed preaching about human rights and the golden rule until they […]

Staying Strong to the Finish

by Tom Andel

Several New Age gurus have been credited for saying “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.” There’s nothing new about that philosophy. It’s as old as prophecy. But for some of the prophets, life was more of a marathon relay—from Moses to Elijah to Jesus to us. Prophesy was their way of life, preparing life’s participants […]

Cave-Grown Character

by Tom Andel

While those young Thai soccer players were trapped deep in an underground, underwater cave, it became apparent their only hope of salvation lay outside that environment. It came in the form of Navy SEALS who used all their skills to get to them. However, their ultimate salvation—getting out—would have to come from within each of […]