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Self-Sufficiency: Satan’s Deepest Trap

by Tom Andel

A couple blogs ago we spotlighted Rosie Day, a woman with special needs whose family extended both the length and quality of her life. One thing we should remember, though, is that ALL of us have special needs, and they can only be met as Rosie’s were: by connecting with the love of family. This […]

His Banner Over Me is Love*

by Tom Andel

The light poles along our town’s main street are decorated with banners honoring many of the city’s veterans. One of them happens to be our next-door neighbor, a police officer who was greatly influenced to expand his service to the military due to the events of 9/11. We crossed paths the other morning as we […]

A Prayer to drive-out Worry

by Tom Andel

A friend texted me, asking me and my family to pray for his wife who was diagnosed with a form of cancer. I texted back the only thing I could think of to give him comfort. “Of course we will.” While praying for relief for my friend and his wife, I’m also contemplating what it […]

Seeing the World through Rosie’s Glasses

by Tom Andel

“We did it Ma. We got her to the finish line. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way.” That thank you note printed in the Mass Program for Rosie Day summarizes the success story of a friend whose funeral was more of a celebration than a cause to mourn. Her success was inherited […]