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Preparing for our Final Performance Review

by Tom Andel

Having a career used to mean salvation from some of humanity’s worst vices. People with too much idle time tend to find comfort in artificial satisfactions like alcohol and drugs. Instead of finding comfort in these diversions, though, we add a burden—not only testing our own soul’s capacity for sorrow, but the souls of our […]

The Enemy of Our Truth-Laced Lies is Our Friend

by Tom Andel

Around Halloween, there was a TV special on the scariest movies ever made. The Exorcist topped the list—and this list included some truly frightening stories. But what makes the Exorcist so scary isn’t the projectile vomiting of pea soup or the 360? head rotation. The scariest thing is its truth. In one of the film’s […]

God’s Word: Apollo 11’s Greatest Takeaway

by Tom Andel

“First Man” is a recent movie recalling Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Before its release, many patriotic reviewers got their nose out of joint because the film didn’t depict the planting of the American Flag on the moon. I think there was a more glaring omission, though. It involved another first: the first […]

All or Nothing at All

by Tom Andel

Our headline is the title of a great Sinatra song for lovers, but it could also summarize what God wants from humanity’s relationship with Him: All or nothing at all; Half a love never appealed to me. If your heart never could yield to me Then I’d rather have nothing at all. We need look […]

Overthinking the Supernatural

by Tom Andel

An article in CWRU’s quarterly magazine THINK reports on research being done by Julie Exline, Ph.D. She wants to understand what makes people believe that some life events are the result of supernatural forces—including God. Exline says, “A person who sees something as supernaturally ordained or communicated could also engage in behaviors that could be […]