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Kept in her Sons’ Hearts

by Tom Andel

The death of a mother or father is difficult for any young son or daughter—especially if it happens while celebrating the birth of the Son of Man. It seems impossible at the time, but consolation eventually comes. It may take a few decades, but it comes as that feeling of loss evolves into anticipation of […]

Be Peace on Earth

by Tom Andel

Pomp and Circumstance won’t be what’s remembered most about George H.W. Bush’s funeral. The moments without them will. Those were the ones recalling Bush the human, not the commander-in-chief. The human side is the one who asked us to join our fellow men and women in bringing light into darkness. Being one of thousands of […]

Be joyful. And don’t be a jerk about it.

by Tom Andel

It’s too easy to be a jerk. Being joyful is too difficult. Jerks abound in difficult times, when resources are slim and “every man for himself” is not only a survival strategy but a philosophy. The miracle of Christmas is the discovery that joy blossoms in difficult times as well as good ones. People tend […]

Straighten the Road Guiding God to You

by Tom Andel

Many seasoned travelers have mapping app horror stories.  They involve getting too much information about routes you already know (like your own street), being directed to go the wrong way on one-way streets you don’t know, or driving through a maze of side streets to get to a building you can see from your car. […]