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Harvest Time in Hospice

by Tom Andel

For many of us life begins in a hospital and ends in a hospice. Both places help families nurture their loved ones. The fruit of these efforts is desperately needed in a world where life is often treated as a disposable commodity. The professionals staffing these places know the fruit of life has flavor. It […]

Caught between Kingdoms

by Tom Andel

Christians have both feet firmly planted in the opposing worlds of two Adams. The first Adam was a slave to his world while the second reigns over his. The first world is carnal, the second, spiritual. The first loves war, the second is love. Trying to live in both worlds ties us into knots of […]

The Predator Who Saved Me

by Tom Andel

People of faith have an ambush predator inside them. It lures Its prey with the host’s joyful demeanor amidst trials and tribulations, then, when the prey asks “what are you so happy about?,” wham, the host explains the source of their inner peace. In this Sunday’s first reading, the prophet Jeremiah uses more tranquil imagery […]

Job One offers Security for Life

by Tom Andel

Employers can’t seem to hang onto talent very long in this “Employee’s Market.” The Wall Street Journal reports that the share of workers voluntarily quitting their jobs hit a 17-year high in 2018. The article offers employees advice on parlaying their advantage into higher pay. It doesn’t offer much advice to employers about stemming their […]