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Our High Maintenance Inheritance

by Tom Andel

  Older readers might remember a guy named Paul Harvey. He became best known for his “The Rest of the Story” radio features reporting the unsung outcomes of often-told stories.  Sunday’s gospel reading includes the Prodigal Son parable, which ends famously with a father happily welcoming his ne’er-do-well son back home after that son squandered […]

Rise to Your Faith’s Sacred Grounding

by Tom Andel

Folksinger Woody Guthrie wrote a song that could be a hymn in all Churches this Sunday: Holy Ground. It was inspired by our first reading (Ex 3:1-8a, 13-15), where Moses encounters the burning-but-not-burned bush sprouting from a sacred desert mountain. He hears God’s voice tell him to remove his sandals because he’s entering holy ground. […]

Evolution is just Creation over time

by Tom Andel

The 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial pitting Creationism vs. Evolution could have been a lot less controversial had William Jennings Bryan used his Bible to let evolution make the case for creation. Instead of Genesis, he should have gone to Sirach—the part about friendship (Sir 6:5-17). Even some modern scientists will tell you it was by […]

Truth Comes Out of the Lost and Found

by Tom Andel

Many have a gift for storing scripture in their memory bank. In some it’s a bank of good will, in others, evil is the only interest. In the latter case, scripture is merged with one’s own interests to achieve a selfish end, whether that be fame, fortune, or downright mastery over other lost souls. The […]