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Life Beyond the Stone Age

by Tom Andel

In this modern age, it’s hard for many to relate to the people depicted in ancient Scriptures. But all we have to do is read today’s newspapers or go to online social media to recognize the same old characters among us today. Take Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, for example. He’s the spitting image of […]

Enabled by Our Faith and Light

by Tom Andel

When some of us think about religion, laws and regulations can intrude—making it easier to lose faith than gain it. Gaining faith is simplicity itself. It’s why Jesus loved children so much—because they don’t burden themselves with legalistic baggage. The children of his time saw he was the same way as they, and they approached […]

BE the Promised Land before Entering It

by Tom Andel

All branches of the military have used P.R. to attract recruits. “Join the Army and See the World” and “Be All that You Can Be” might be the most famous. At times, the realities of 20th century war and sacrifice overshadowed slogans and people were either drafted to fill a dire need or enticed with […]

Timeless Words of Comfort for This Distressing Time

by Tom Andel

Before attending Easter Sunday services a few weeks ago, Sri Lanka was probably not on the mental maps of many American Christians. That changed after a series of terrorist suicide bombings killed hundreds of people of many faiths and nationalities at various places on that South Asian island. Many were fellow worshippers at Easter Sunday […]

Recognizing Jesus in our Flesh

by Tom Andel

The scriptures show that some of Jesus’s followers—both friends and enemies—could recognize him anywhere. That is evident in this Sunday’s readings, especially among those categorizing themselves in the latter camp—the ones who followed him to death. As the Gospel of John tells us (Jn 21:1-19), his best friends—his disciples—didn’t even recognize the presence of the […]