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How a CEO Found Forgiveness in The Boss’s Office

by Tom Andel

Earlier this year, Doran Oancia, CEO of Chemex Modular LLC, in Houston, went on LinkedIn, the businessperson’s social network, asking the following: “Does anyone know a solidly Catholic parish, preferably with adoration chapel, in the Woodlands TX area?” Finding an adoration chapel in the city of his new company was a key factor in choosing […]

The Miracle of Our Special Needs

by Tom Andel

A century ago, two teenage girls in England had some fun challenging the self-regard of grownups. They found a children’s book filled with pictures of winged fairies, cut these figures out of the book, then took photographs of themselves interacting with these sprites. They presented these photos to the grownups in their lives as evidence […]

The Big Plus from Our Division

by Tom Andel

Polarization is a force of nature in the world of science. Light, radiation, and magnetism can be used to illustrate movement in opposing directions. Outside science, human ego is infinitely more powerful than magnets for exemplifying an intractable power struggle. In the U.S., the fight between political ideologies dates back as far as the polarization […]

Heroes Bravely Reveal Their True Identity

by Tom Andel

The creators of our agnostic culture’s most beloved super heroes model their characters’ behavior on some of religion’s greatest scriptural heroes—whether they know it or not. These behaviors include always doing the right thing, living righteously, and acting fearlessly. Mary, mother of the New Testament’s greatest hero, turned out to be a super hero herself. […]

What’s the face of your vanity saying?

by Tom Andel

A Eucharistic Minister gets to look many people square in the face while distributing Holy Communion at Sunday Mass. Some bow and say “Amen” after being presented with the host and hearing “Body of Christ.” Most present their palms to receive it, and a few, their tongues. Some eyes look into the Minister’s, others are […]