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Billions of Masterpieces

by Tom Andel

The greatest artists put themselves into their works. That’s why their choice of media is so important to them. It affects their art’s texture and therefore the message they wish to communicate through their work. As the artist of artists, God chose the medium of humanity to express His being. Look at His masterpiece: The […]

The Power behind Our Weakness

by Tom Andel

Leaving an adoration chapel empty-hearted is like going to a store for something you need and not buying anything. As many window shoppers can tell you, that form of retail just reminds you of what you lack. By not making a true investment of self in your prayers before God, you’re reminded how empty you […]

Pestering God is Scriptural

by Tom Andel

Most parents hate it when their kids pester them for something. Not God Our Father. He expects it. In fact, he’s perpetually attentive to perpetual prayer. That’s why many churches devote a chapel to that purpose. This Sunday’s readings support the wisdom of that decision. In our first reading (Ex 17:8-13), Moses advises Joshua to […]

A Grateful Heart Pumps Joy

by Tom Andel

The title on top of this week’s blog could be a country song, and in a way, it is. Being grateful is a theme in so many country songs that they almost melt together into one. If your heart is attuned to that song, this Sunday’s mass readings may sing it back to you. In […]

What Didn’t Kill Jesus Makes Us Stronger

by Tom Andel

During tough times, people throughout history have reached out to God for strength. To this day, we still rely on the philosophy of prophets to bolster our faith. In more recent history, when faced with Nazi death camps, Communist nihilism, slavery of all kinds, and the undying human selfishness that inspires all such evils, the […]