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Get over the fear of being caught being yourself

by Tom Andel

There’s a business podcast out there called Executive Disciple, the purpose of which is to help people at all levels of the work environment “reconnect Sunday and Monday.” In other words, don’t let the lessons you learned during Sunday Mass stay in church. Bring them to work with you the next day and put them […]

Do we deserve a dying thief’s fate?

by Tom Andel

If you get to be king of the universe, you’d think that would come with some pretty good amenities. What does such a king deserve? The one we celebrate at every Mass got nailed to a cross. The Mass readings for this Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, involve people who […]

Throwing Ourselves on the Mercy of His Court

by Tom Andel

While shopping at our local grocery store, I saw a mother trying to do the same thing—shop—while also trying to foil her little boy’s continued attempts to knock displays over. The more breakable the better. Once he even tried to snatch an item out of my cart and throw it on the floor. She apologized […]

Faith outlives despots trying to kill it

by Tom Andel

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that the U.S. population of Christians is dwindling as atheists, agnostics and the unaffiliated replace them (Religiosity, Church Attendance Fall Sharply, Oct. 18th). A few pages later, Jillian Kay Melchior observed in her “Houses of Worship” column (Hong Kong’s Spiritual Battle) that as Xi Jinping assumed power in China he […]