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How Irrational Holiness Pays Off

by Tom Andel

Richard Robb is CEO of a $5 billion hedge fund, and author of a book titled “Willful: How We Choose What We Do.” He wrote it to help us understand the central theme of neoclassical economics: that people base their decisions on rational choice—intending to maximize self-interest. He cites the parable of the Good Samaritan […]

Our Father’s Loyalty is Our Christmas Gift

by Tom Andel

The Bible can help us plot our place in a fruitful family tree nourished by a royal bloodline. Matthew’s gospel traces that line back to Abraham, but the first line gives us the CliffsNotes version, short and sweet: Jesus Christ—the son of David—the son of Abraham. The first reading for this Sunday’s Mass (Is 7:10-14) […]

Wait Until God Unwraps the Life You Gave Him

by Tom Andel

About now many families are preparing for Christmas by wrapping the gifts they’ll give to loved ones. The payback for all this work comes when they watch the beloved recipient remove those wrappings to reach the gift so artfully concealed. That’s kind of like how we prepare ourselves for our presentation before God. We spend […]

There’s No Grandfather Clause

by Tom Andel

The noun “Grandfather” appears a few times in the Bible. The verb “to Grandfather” does not. However, if the idea of grandfathering someone did exist in biblical times, it could have appeared in this Sunday’s gospel reading (Mt 3:1-12). In it, John the Baptist was living up to his destiny, preparing a way for the […]