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An Ideal survives an Idol’s fall

by Tom Andel

So, what shall we give up for Lent 2020? Many have given up on faith. Rather, they’ve abandoned it to the darkness cast by the shadows of scandals that keep rocking our church. The latest one is particularly painful for me. Many who read or listen to this blog know that we’ve honored the memory of […]

Is God a John Wayne fan?

by Tom Andel

John Wayne was loved for the heroic men he played in the movies. But was he a real-life hero? What if I told you he was divorced twice? And what if I told you he often joked that he was a cardiac-Catholic—one who would find religion on his deathbed? And what if I told you […]

The Cure for Depression is found through Suffering

by Tom Andel

A recent Wall Street Journal article bore this headline: “Churches Struggle with Mental Health.” The story told of several evangelical pastors being fired when church elders discovered they are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder and other mental health problems. The article states, “Many congregations still believe that mental health problems reflect a spiritual deficiency or […]

Perfection: One Size Fits All

by Tom Andel

Sometimes it seems our world’s cultures and religious institutions are surrendering to moral relativism. Things that were once thought either right or wrong now come in shades of morality. Misbehavior is often swept under the rug to save public face and/or to avoid the legal costs of pursuing justice. Many business organizations—and even our own […]