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A Divine Plagiarism

by Tom Andel

The New-Hollywood stars who tried helping their kids cheat their way into college could have learned a valuable lesson from the ghost of an Old-Hollywood star: Boris Karloff. In one of his lesser known roles for a 50s-era TV anthology series (Studio One), Karloff played a scientist about to receive the Nobel Prize for his […]

Visit a Cemetery and Learn How to Live

by Tom Andel

My lifelong buddy and I took a walking tour of the cemetery where many of our ancestors are buried. One of the graves on my must-see list was that of my great grandparents on my father’s side. I only knew them from Dad’s stories about “Bubby” and “Jedda.” Getting the grave location from the cemetery […]

Wired to love God, Neighbor and Chocolate Cake

by Tom Andel

Many non-Catholics just don’t get some of the sacramental rituals we Catholics follow. Some see them as separate from the good works that good people of all faiths (and none) do every day. They even cite Matthew 15:7, in which Jesus criticizes humanity’s over-reliance on ritual (“Hypocrites, well did Isaiah prophesy about you when he […]

Forgive Your Inner Elmer Gantry

by Tom Andel

Many of humanity’s cynics consider the cross, death, and resurrection “narrative” of Christianity a deeply rooted myth. And for them, so is the forgiveness Christianity promises them. Sunday’s readings expand on the forgiveness that Jesus modeled throughout his earthly ministry—up to his death on the cross. His disciples—especially Peter—learned that forgiveness must start with oneself, […]

Does God See Us When He Looks in the Mirror?

by Tom Andel

In the medieval era of the Holy Roman Empire, Eckhart von Hochheim was a well-known cancellation target. Today he’s better remembered as Meister (Master) Eckhart, a German theologian, philosopher and mystic, but in those ancient times our Church considered him a heretic. Some accused him of pantheism (the belief that all things are God), others […]