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The Gifts Our World Took from That Stable

by Tom Andel

Isaiah prophesied about the gifts the Magi would bring into Jerusalem, but the world took a greater gift away from the site those men visited. The tiny seeds of grace planted in the hearts of those gift-bearing visitors grew into a global ministry. Isaiah continues: The wealth of nations shall be brought to you; … […]

The Gambles of a Holy Family

by Tom Andel

Life—like starting a family—is a series of gambles. What if a loved one leaves this life, for example? Could I afford the pain? Love is the currency of such a gamble, just as wealth is at stake in any high-roller’s bets. For that level of gambling there’s no better bettor than Frank Sinatra—via song—to explain […]

The Supporting Role in your Life Story

by Tom Andel

Christmas is a time for bringing back memories. Maybe that’s why companies that digitize old family movies are so busy toward the end of the year. Home movies give families moments of holiday respite from the worries of the previous 11 months, letting members relive the happiest times of their history together. Watching these highlights […]

Curating Art from the World’s Ugliness

by Tom Andel

“Curate every aspect of your life, as much as you can. It’s in the things that deeply inspire us that we find ourselves. Surround yourself with truth, and you’ll have built yourself a heaven.” The source of this pithy quote is unknown—which means it’s a meme (something imitated or copied). Makes sense, since that’s what […]

We don’t deserve what we have coming; but we can try.

by Tom Andel

There’s a pivotal scene in the Clint Eastwood Western, “Unforgiven,” where two hired guns talk about the killing they just pulled off. One of them, a newbie, feels pangs of guilt and contrition. Then he tries to justify what the two of them just did, telling his grizzled partner, “I guess they had it comin’.” […]