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Leverage Your Faith and Move the World

by Tom Andel

The most accomplished people prove the hardest work is done in our heart. Finding the proper leverage to move immovable obstacles to wisdom starts there. The goal of many in that effort is to find their true selves.  For others, it is to find God. In The Quiet Light, a novelization of the life of […]

Repentance is Mine, Sayeth the Lord

by Tom Andel

Many 21st century people believe the Bible is filled with silly and outmoded beliefs. They often mockingly describe God as the great punisher in the sky, striking us down for our evil deeds. He jealously guards his vengeance, too. “Vengeance is mine” is how Moses quotes God in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy 32:35) and Paul […]

Our Inside-Out God

by Tom Andel

Some people believe faith is a plot to control minds—to keep people in darkness. Some say it’s an earthbound plot, but the author of a book paradoxically titled …and the truth shall set you free attributes that plot to “multidimensional beings.” He even believes the light from the star of Bethlehem was the space ship […]

How Henry Grows Hope

by Tom Andel

Henry Isaac is a seventh grader in Santa Ana, El Salvador. My family sponsors him via Unbound, an international nonprofit that bridges cultural gaps between people around the world. The goal is to help “challenge poverty in new and innovative ways.” But amidst a pandemic that knows no class, Henry’s latest update to us about […]